Playgrounds for children, adults and families.
Playgrounds for Children, adults and families.


We value our close working relationship with all of our clients. Included below is a sample of some client feedback.

We have a great little school but everyone agreed that the playground needed work, to make it more fun, user friendly for the kids & more attractive. Our playground was small & it doubled as a parking lot for our church. We had a few ideas and over the years little projects had been completed but we did not have a big vision or an active playground committee.

We decided to form a playground committee consisting of six mums and decided we needed guidance, we had ideas but were they practical or cost effective? We decided to employee Andrew from Creative Playgrounds for a consultation at our school, it was a leap of faith as we had not received any recommendations, however the information on his web site and a lengthy talks on the phone to him made us feel that this was money worth spending, even when we had minimal funds.

Well, after a little over an hour walking around the playground with Andrew I had scribed 45 suggestions for our playground and our heads were buzzing with ideas and excitment. We have since grouped these ideas into projects and are tackling a project each term and are applying for grants to fund the bigger projects. Andrew gave us a plan to work with and fresh ideas for an area we believed little could be done with. The money we spent for the consultation was well worth it, there was absolutely no pressure to contract Andrew for any of the work, in fact we have used parents at a working bee to complete a lot of the work so far. We now have ongoing contact with Andrew to run things by him and keep him updated of our progress as he is genuinely interested about what we are achieving and passioinate about his work. He is someone who knows the ins and outs about playground design and has a lot of contacts at his fingertips.

St Aloyisus Primary School
Cronulla N.S.W


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